Methods for Accessing

Here are the different methods that can be used to get into your account on Note that all of these methods are ones in which your password will not be sent in the clear. This change has taken place because of too many people trying to crack


Shell Access

Shell access to is done through SSH on port 5042. Most unix systems already have ssh on their system. Windows users should download and install Putty. There's a windows installer part way down the page. Transferring of files can also be done with FileZilla.

The host key fingerprints for are as follows:

File transfer

Since ftp sends your password in the clear, it has been disabled for general users. You'll need to transfer files through a variant of ssh. If this won't work for you contact for a username/password used by the ftp daemon that is running.

Some users like to use fxp to do site to site transfers. This won't work if ftp is not allowed on However I would suggest those users loging to via ssh and then use ncftp to ftp to their favorite site. It has the capability to download directories and does filename completion. If downloads will take a significant amount of time and you don't want to stay logged in, then I suggest running ncftp inside a screen session ('man screen' for more information). Then dowload the files from using one of the tools listed below. See the previous paragraph for other options using standard ftp with limited access.

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