Cooking Premade Gluten Free Pasta

Now, I know that some people have problems cooking gluten free pasta correctly, resulting in mush or hard strands. My method depends on what style of noodle it is. If it’s a more Asian noodle, such as rice vermicelli or cellophane noodles, I’ll bring water to a boil, remove it from the heat, and then put the noodles into it for around 20 minutes or longer if necessary. If it’s more of a western noodle, such as rice spaghetti, I’ll bring water to a roiling boil, drop the pasta in, and let it cook for about 7-9 minutes, testing a piece every minute to see if it’s the desired softness. My recommendation is that you pull these off while they’re just a little bit harder than you like, because the heat in them will continue to soften them as you strain and plate it.

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