Lemon Pepper Breaded Tilapia w/ Risotto

I made this today, and it turned out well. Like, super well. They also contrasted very nicely, which I didn’t expect. Seeing as they are two of my favorite foods, I probably would have liked them even if they hadn’t. I actually learned to make both of these from real people rather than the faceless internet. My grandma taught me to make the fish, and my cooking instructor taught me how to make the risotto.

Lemon Pepper Breaded Tilapia

8 Tilapia fillets

1 cup grainy almond flour

4 T olive oil

1-2 T lemon pepper

T lemon juice

2 t garlic powder

4-6 cloves garlic minced

Take out two flat bottomed bowls, and into on put the garlic powder, minced garlic, lemon pepper, and almond flour. Mix well. In the other, put the lemon juice and olive oil, then  whisk together. Put the fillets into the olive oil and then the flour mixture. Place into a well oiled glass pan, and when finished dipping pour the remaining flour and oil over the top of the fillets. Bake in the oven at 350 for 40 minutes.


I usually start this up right after the fish goes into the oven. Takes about 30 minutes for this amount.

1 cup white rice
3 cups hot chicken stock
ounce soy margarine
fourth onion diced small
salt/ pepper
half cup daiya mozzarella cheese
1-2 tablespoons silk creamer

Sweat onions in margarine. Add salt and pepper. Add rice, stir 30 seconds to a minute to coat the rice with margarine. At medium heat, add a cup of stock. Stir continuously on high until liquid evaporates. Add another cup of stock, reduce. Add half cup, reduce. Add last half if needed. Add cheese and cream, then chives. When this is done, it should be soft, like a firm rice pudding.

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