Monthly Archives: May 2017

Configure pfSense bridge over multiple NICs as LAN

In the past I’ve used “raw” pf on FreeBSD as a firewall for a variety of situations both large and small, but this week I started playing with an inexpensive, fanless, multi-NIC box as a potential firewall and router running pfSense. Interestingly, the first thing I realized is that I could not find in pfSense any completely user-friendly (read: single checkbox) option to turn all but the WAN-designated NIC into a single bridged “LAN”. Seems like a pretty basic thing someone would want to do as a home router, or simply avoid the switching overhead of packets amongst different subnets. A quick search for other solutions didn’t turn up one that I thought was really complete, hence this guide.

Command-line or script access to One-Time-Secret

For a number of reasons, I’ve been playing with OneTimeSecret, a nice little service that allows you to share a secret with someone else and know that it can only be viewed once. Additional features such as Time To Live (TTL) and Encrypted secrets, plus direct email to the intended recipient are nice bonuses.

However, I was wanting to incorporate the sharing of secrets into a shell script, and while the RESTful API is helpful, and I could have used curl, I decided that I could easily provide a simpler interface with functions for scripts and a command line interface. Check it out on GitHub.