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SSH Key Auth on Dell PowerConnect Switches

Today, I tried to setup ssh┬ápublic keys on our Dell PowerConnect Switches, figuring that good key authentication should be more secure and easier than simple password auth, right? Clearly someone is in the camp of “fallor ergo sum” on this one, and I suppose it might be me.


SSH Auto-Proxy Script

If you’ve ever added a ProxyCommand directive to your ssh config file, sometimes you might be on a portable computer only need that directive sometimes. Other times you might be behind that nasty corporate firewall or on the network with the proxy server? Since the ProxyCommand configuration item can be just about anything you like, as long as it reads from standard-input and writes to standard-output, we can use that fact and write a wrapper around to only invoke a proxy connection when needed. I’ve written such a script and use it regularly to tunnel through HTTP Proxy servers or to jump through intermediate hosts.


SSH through HTTP Proxy

Can’t use SSH on the standard port 22? Need to tunnel through a proxy server? Work behind a draconian firewall and can’t SSH directly? No problem. This document will hopefully show you how to tunnel through an http-proxy server without any server-side modifications.


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