Current Projects


Instrument Cluster Controller

This device is based on a 68HC11 processor and communicates with a singleboard computer through a RS232 serial port. It then communicates to the instrument cluster (from a Dodge Intrepid) via Chrysler's Collision Detection bus or CCD bus. This bus is a proprietary bus with proprietary commands. I am working on this project for MTU FutureCar. Currently I have been succesful in controlling all functions of the instrument cluster. I have also been successful in communicating to the instrument cluster controller via the RS232 connection. I am using a custom type of handshaking to allow for proper timing. In this manner the singleboard computer will never be waiting for the instrument clister controller to be ready to recieve data. The only portions of this project that need to be completed is to add some error correcting in the program and to make a PCB board for the project.


More data on this project will be available as the project progresses and when I have time to write it :).


Past Projects

This portion of this page is still under construction. I am currently spending all my extra time (and then some) working on the Instrument Cluster Controller.

I'll just list a cople that come to mind here

:Automatic electric window opener which is climate controlled via a thermostat:

Here's a close up of the drive motor and chain drive


:Lab power supply, 5V-5A, 12V-5A, +-0 to 20V dual tracking 1.5A, 12CAC CT 5A

:Miscelaneous Battery chargers for Lead acid and NI-CAD batteries.

The list goes on and on but I'll keep adding more and some pictures of the ones listed as time permits.