Javadoc Guidelines

Basic Tags:

Hyper links

To link to an external site, the link should be something like To do links to some html file in the source tree the link should be "doc-files/foo.html" where foo.html is the html file you want to link to. This file needs to live in doc-files, for the package begin documented, otherwise javadoc won't copy it over. This isn't limited to html files though, images and other documents can be linked to as well. Although it is preferred that the links be gif, jpg, html, png, txt only. That way all browsers can view them. Word and Excel are common Windows formats so they can be included, but it'd be better to use the save as html feature of the Office applications to save out an html version of the document and just link to that instead.


Images can be added as well. Use:
<img src="doc-files/foo.gif">
to link to the image, foo.gif. This will put the picture inline in the document.

Javadoc specifics

Javadoc comments are text inside /** and **/. Comments must be directly above the class, method or variable being documented. Up to the first period is considered the short description for the class, package or method being documented. Don't put images, lists or other large tags in here, they will generally be filtered out and will make the formatting of the document rather messy.

Javadoc has it's own tags that extend the regular html tags. Here are some useful ones:

All tags can be nested, at least from my experience. More documentation can be found here.

Commenting package

For package level documentation, add a file called package.html in the same directory as the code for the package and put your documentation there. Javadoc will find it. Here is a template for the file:

	  This is my short description.
	  Here's some large description of the package with images and

Remember to add the html and body tags, otherwise javadoc will ignore the file. Note that all references to other documentation in package.html files must be fully qualified

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