Passwords for iTouch and iPhone

Until recently I’ve been using MyKeePass to store passwords on my iTouch. This allows me to use KeePassX on my desktop. What I’d really like though is Dropbox integration. Well recently on Hak5 they said that there was a free app for IOS that understood KeePass password databases and MyKeePass isn’t free. So I went looking and found MiniKeePass and discovered that it’s open-source and free. On top of that it integrates nicely with Dropbox! You still need to manually sync the database, but it’s really easy if you keep it in Dropbox. When you make changes on your desktop, you just open the Dropbox application on your iTouch and open the database and it imports right into MiniKeePass, then delete the old database from MiniKeePass. When you make changes on your iTouch, you can export it to Dropbox and overwrite the one there so that your desktop sees the changes.